The Sudden Passing of our Friend Karma Lhudrup Nerutsang

It was a sad event that Lhundrup Nerutsang suddenly passed away this morning. In comparison to most people, he was very community-minded, an paragon of a faithful and devoted student who strove to serve his lamas and Buddhism. For me, he was a friend who would do whatever I wished.

Now from the shores of the human world close to you, I raise my voice in a loud and clear prayer and aspiration, hoping that you have a guide down the bright path of happiness to lasting comfort. O! Life is so easy to lose, so friends, during this brief human life treasure your health of body and mind and your friends and relatives so as not to put off virtuous acts till tomorrow or the next day but to do them from today.

       Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje
Canada, June 5, 2017


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