The Kangyur Procession and Reading

Members of the Sangha processed with the one-hundred and ten volumes of the Kangyur, the words of the Buddha, around the Mahabodhi Temple while lay devotees and monastics offered katas and flowers. Subsequently, the Sangha distributed the pages of the texts to Tibetan-literate Monlam attendees who shared in the collected endeavor of reading the precious words of the Buddha.


1. Monastics in ceremonial dress carry incense and play the gyalings as they process down to the lower level of the Mahabodhi Temple.


2. Flower offerings decorate the circumambulation path.


3. Lay devotees line up offering katas and flowers as they wait for the procession.


4. Mingyur Rinpoche and Gyaltsap Rinpoche lead the procession of the Kangyur around the Mahabodhi Temple.


5. Having completed the procession around the lower khora, a monk processes to the upper level with the Kangyur.


6. The procession continues around the back side of the stupa all the while chanting “om muni muni maha muniye swaha.”


7. And some devotees offer beautiful smiles and bright faces as the Kangyur makes its way through temple.


8. As do joyous nuns anticipating the processional.


9. While some monastics process with the Kangyur, others hold katas out in devotion to 110 volumes of the profound words of the Buddha.


10. There are 7 Gelongmas in the procession, more than last year.


11. Mingyur Rinpoche and Gyaltsap Rinpoche complete the khora around the Mahabodhi Temple, while monastics devotedly carry the Kangyur and lay members make offerings.


12. Young monks bring the texts into the Monlam Pavillion for distribution.


13. The mandala offering is made before the texts are read.


14. Gyaltsap Rinpoche pensively studies the Kangyur pages in front of him.


15. Mingyur Rinpoche prepares his pages for the collective reading.


16. Collectively, the gelongs and lamas read the Kangyur.


17. The sea of people in the pavillion reading the profound words of the Buddha.


18. A young monk recites the Kangyur.


19. The collective effort is shared by the entire Sangha.


20. Nuns from Gyaltsap Rinpoche’s nunnery in Sikkim join the recitation.


21. The lay community also devotedly takes part in the shared endeavor of the collective recitation.


22. In between offering tea, young nuns recite the Kangyur.


23. And the sunlight gradually warms up the pavillion striking the face of this young monk who attentively recites the text.


24. And the texts are diligently wrapped up in yellow cloth.


25. Then, the volumes are stacked for devotees to receive additional blessings from the profound words of the Buddha.



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