Mingyur Rinpoche Visits Kagyu Monlam Medical Camp

The Medical Camp is a Kagyu Monlam initiative, supported by the Kagyupa International Monlam Trust. It is located in one of the buildings at Bihar Tourism’s Sujata Vihar Tourist Complex, and supervised by Lhakpa Tsering from the Delhi office of the Karmapa’s administration.

The camp caters for the poorest people from Bodhgaya and surrounding villages who normally would be unable to afford medical treatment. This year the staff comprises six doctors, 14 nurses, a lab technician and a pharmacist.

Typical treatments offered by the Medical Camp include: multivitamins, calcium supplements, folic acid for pregnancy, iron capsules for low haemoglobin, protein powder for malnutrition, antibiotics, analgesics, aspirin for cardiac issues, antifungals, antihistamines, cough syrup, and medicine for blood sugar problems.


1. On 16th January Mingyur Rinpoche visited and blessed the camp. He was greeted by the director, Lhakpa Tsering.


2. On his tour of the facility, Rinpoche met with the lab technician and looked at urine test strips.


3. He met staff in the dispensary.


4. talked with doctors and patients


5. and watched treatment taking place


6. Most patients are women with their children


7. but men and boys also attend.


8. First the patients have to register.


9. Then they receive a basic medical check-up and interview.


10. Their blood pressure is checked.


11. Children have their height and weight checked to see whether they are malnourished.


12. Patients are seen individually by a doctor.


13. And given a prescription or treatment.


14. Medicine is dispensed free.


15. Rinpoche with Lhakpa Tsering and Kagyu Monlam CEO Lama Chodrak outside the clinic.


16. Rinpoche leaves.



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