The Kangyur Procession

Members of the Sangha processed with volumes of the Kangyur, the words of the Buddha, in circumambulation around the Mahabodhi Temple on Chotrul Duchen. Monastic and lay devotees encircled the upper ring of the temple with white and yellows katas draped in offering. Many carried pink lotuses and others offered yellow, white and orange carnations.


1. Following morning prayers, the Sangha heads through the rice fields to the Mahabodhi Stupa


2. Gelongs and gelongmas are given the Kangyur Pechas (the texts of the words of the Buddha) for the procession


3. Footprints of the Buddha made of marigolds and roses at the Mahabodhi Stupa


4. Gyaltsap Rinpoche and Mingyur Rinpoche prepare for the Kangyur procession


5. Nuns eagerly wait for the procession with their colorful flower offerings outstretched


6. The lay community hold their offerings while reciting “Namo Shakyamunaye”


7. Gyaltsap Rinpoche and Mingyur Rinpoche during the Kangyur procession


8. Gelong and gelongma process with the Kangyur around the upper tier of the Mahabodhi Stupa while the monastic community makes offerings


9. Gelongma carrying the Kangyur


10. Smiling lay community offers a kata and flowers


11. Gyaltsap Rinpoche during the Kangyur Procession


12. Lay community members line the walls of the stupa offering katas and flowers


13. Gelongs process down to the lower khora ring of the Mahabodhi


14. The Kangyur procession continues


15. Circumabulating the stupa


16. Following the procession, the Sangha walks back through the rice fields to the pavilion to begin the Kangyur reading



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